Creole recipe.

Creole recipes is a mixture of influences both the French and Indian, Malagasy or African. These influences are more strong in Reunion island.

Spices are an integral part of Creole recipe, in an amount more or less important as the taste of each dish is also noted by cooking and ingredients.
Some specialties of Creole recipe are :Cari, pickles, rougail in island of reunion.
Corn, sweet potato, manioc enter in the composition of Creole recipe.
The common drink in the cuisine creole is the rum.

What is Creole recipe

If you want to find all the flavors of cuisine creoles on island of reunion, the site Creole recipe and post page will delight to you and allow you to try a delicious cuisine.
The gastronomy in reunion island is very diverse because of the history. Exotic flavors and spice, peppers, simplicity,Creole recipe you wake up the senses.
The Creole recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.

The Creole recipe can be enjoyed in island of reunion! You can try the recipe, even to discover original dishes. You can search by topic directly, side dish, starter and salads, punch, beef or fish, chicken or porc, vegetables.

Cuisine creoles – Creole food.

A ritual is to place the rice at the bottom of the plate, the grains are added on top and finally, the dishes. The chutney and pickles are served in other plat.

Finally the good moment comes to taste the dishes: dont mix all elements in your plate, draw in turn the dishes, let you go to find these news tasty flavors.

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